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How it works for an author.

You can create your own audio tour using our web tour editor. Editor is in process of beta testing now but you can try to use it. To create a tour you should specify a way of the tour on the map and record your voice comments or attach mp3 files with your audio comments and images to the points on the map. Then you will set a price of the tour (we recommend range between $1 and $5). You can also create a free tour. Our administrator will check your tours and if content makes sense, we will publish it then.

We implemented encryption of tours data on mobile devices which means we take care of your intellectual property.

Your tour will be represented in Android and iPhone application and our website.

In addition, tourists can contact an author of the tour directly to receive a private tour. So your tour in our system is a way to attract more clients to your business. Don’t forget free tours will have more users and that is the best way to make interested more clients who might use your primary service.

Profit received from your tour will be shared among authors. 50% to service / 50% to authors. For 1st 100 tours the authors will be given 80% of profit.

We are working on development of money processing from a tourist to an author now. In December we are planning to run in testing mode selling tours (right now only free tours are in system). We suppose 2 ways of money transfer from our service to an author:

  • PayPal transfers
  • Wire transfers (we will send money when your balance is more than $100)

We are open to any suggestions from authors so you can contact us on

Make your own tour, help us make this service valuable for tourists and sell you audio tours to tourists from any country.

Who can be an author? Anybody.

  • Tourist businesses to have alternative ways to provide or sell excursions, in addition or replacing human-guided tours;
  • Individuals and companies to earn money by selling authored content to tourists or sharing profits from advertisement;
  • Holders of public and tourist objects (museums, exhibitions, entertainment parks, sport arenas, etc.) to attract tourists by providing authored content for mobile tours;
  • Holders of tourist and commercial areas (like expos, malls, resorts, hotel complexes etc.) to lure people by detailed and focused information about their objects and areas.